Little Paintings

Though they take just as long to create as a large painting. Sigh, I love to paint little.
My Little Paintings are back.
Not just for the tree, they truly are versatile portable art.
My Little Paintings are light enough to hang with a push pin. I recommend buying a couple and grouping them on a small wall. Brighten up your office space. Hanging them in the window. Use them to dress up a favorite bottle of wine, the perfect hostess gift.

Acrylic on wood. Approx. 4in. $20each

mixed medium new work

New collage work

Mixed Medium

Experimenting with print transfers, acrylic, india ink, paper and found objects.
Having fun exploring both subjects and medium.

Le Vélo de Mes Reves – The Bike of My Dreams

Acrylic on panel 20×16 SOLD

My series “Giants and The Traveler” explores fantastical modes of transportation for anyone wishing to travel the world looking for adventure. Inspired by the surrealists, I have made this body of work to express the interconnection of reality with the dream-state by creating the unexpected using everyday objects.

ehkarp copyright 2014