guys on the green

I am not sure if I like the blue putty. Before I was using gum. I would chew a little piece to get them to stay upright. Gum works best but its not very sanitary.

This week I will search out another alternative to blue putty and gum. Something less intrusive.

It’s getting crowded in here. 

The gang is all here. And more are on their way. Very exciting. 

Lady Blue Bird Little Creatures by Hautau Karp

These days a mint tin (thank you Trader Joes) is my travel case of choice. Large enough to hold a growing family, durable and the shiny inside doubles as a sun bounce. 

I feel that I’ll need to upgrade soon to something a little roomer. Since the my Little Creatures seem to be multiplying.  

I wonder what they talk about behind close doors. 😉