Little Creatures Project

All creatures great and small, mostly small…

Since childhood I have been in love with the world of miniatures. I vividly remember when my obsession started. It was chilly spring day,  it was my 10th birthday.

A favorite Uncle presented me with a beautiful two story, four-room doll house, in which he lovingly hand built. The only furniture supplied that afternoon, was a fire place. It was up to me to find a family and help them fill the rooms with furnishings and love. I was a will participant. I was completely hooked.

Fast forward a few years, decades, to my latest project. Little Creatures. The only way I can describe how it started is to reference the Reese Peanut Butter Cup commercial. Bare with me, maybe I’m dating myself here, it goes something like this: Two people running, one is eating peanut butter, one is eating chocolate. They bump into eat other and each exclaim (mind you, this is before we were all germaphobes) “Hey, you got chocolate in my peanut butter; “Hey, you got peanut butter in my chocolate”. Cut to happy ending.

My son was working on a school project in my studio. A diorama. You can well imaging as an artist I love giving life to projects. I was over-seeing the instillation. He was using clay. I was fooling around with small scale figures. In one hand I had clay; the other, these little figures. Hey, you got clay on my little figure. Hey, you got your little figure in my clay. Voilà, the Little Creatures Project was born.

I hope you like them. Heaven knows I’m having fun. Re-examining the world of miniature through the eyes of a grown-up. I will post daily at instagram@ Eat_Breathe_Draw

P.S. I still have the dollhouse. And as I write I’m thinking it will come out of storage and play a role in my Little Creatures Project.

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